Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

Okay! We’re back! Sorry, everybody. Between an exciting stomach bug and the wedding of two of my favorite people, it’s been a nutty couple of days. But we’re here now! With links! Lots of ‘em, too.

Casual Kitchen: 50 Delicious Recipes Containing Apples
Powerhouse recipe comp from Dan. As we slide into apple season, you can bet on seeing at least three of these on CHG over the next few weeks.

Chow: Whole Wheat Pasta Taste Test
Dang. I thought Ronzoni would place higher. But I think they might have changed their recipe from a few years ago. It’s grainier now. Boo.

Chow: How Green is Your Takeaway Container?
Long after humanity has eaten, argued, and TV’d itself into extinction, our lo mein containers will still litter the landscape like so much non-biodegradable snow.

Consumerist: Food Makers Want To Sell You Cheap Food For Big Profits
To illustrate, please see the Serious Eats article on Peanut Butter Slices about 15 links from now. Your mind will blow, then reform itself, then blow again.

Culinate: Women and Diet – Eating Well from 30 to 60
Ladies! Our metabolism is downshifting! Batten the hatches! Release the hounds! Open the Metamucil!

Get Rich Slowly: September Garden Update
JD and Kris are nearing the end of harvest time, and they only have four ears of corn to show for it. Oh, also 51 pounds of tomatoes, 27 pounds of apples, and more cherry tomatoes than a battalion of Italian grandmas could eat.

Huffington Post: Have a Late, Idiot – The Coffee Wars Turn Bitter
Super-interesting dissection of McDonald’s latest coffee commercials, which rely HEAVILY on class distinction to sell the goods. Do we really need to do this for breakfast? It’s my happiest time of day, and I do not appreciate its Palinization.

The Kitchn: Conscientious Cook - Which Foods to Buy in Bulk
The first of four strong entries from The Kitchn this week, in which Emma delineates which pantry, produce, and supply items should be bought en masse.

The Kitchn: No-Spend Shopping – The Housewares Swap
Trading extra kitchen equipment with friends at a party? HOLY MOLY, WHAT A GREAT IDEA. Seriously, how many extra pans, dishes, or weird little tea holders do you have lying around? My household owns a minimum of four whisks. I bet I could get a sweet potholder for one.

The Kitchn: Toad in a Hole and Birds in a Nest - What are Your Favorite Food Names?
Ooo! Bubble and Squeak!

The Kitchn: What’s Left After the Fad Passes?
The problem with buying magic-solution diet cookbooks is that inevitably, they’ll be worthless in a year. You’ll move on to the next great idea, and Skinny Bitch will be left to wither, lonely and unloved, behind aging salt and pepper shakers.

Money Saving Mom: All From One Little Pumpkin
Faboo guest post from Monica shows the evolution of a single gourd, from decoration to sign to vase to hiding place to muffin batter to lunch snack. If I was into calculus, I'd say this is resourceful to the Nth degree.

New York Times: And Then There Was the Food
Paul Newman’s been gone about a week now, and this article discusses the food legacy he left behind. Organic snacking wouldn’t have been the same without Cool Hand Luke, man. (P.S. At left: humina.)

New York Times: Momma, I’ll Have Some of Whatever You’re Having
Wow. Fascinating look at baby purees, and how mulching parents’ food can help children develop tastes for certain foods. Pasta Bolognese Slurry? Yes, please.

New York Times: On the Cheap
Design students create homes for mere cents on the dollar. Pretty, pretty pictures should give aspiring, broke decorators some neat ideas (especially in the kitchen). Just be warned – do NOT pick furniture off the street if you live in NYC, or any major metropolitan area with a vermin problem. You could be in for the worst, crawliest, most disgusting surprise, ever.

Serious Eats: Economy Bad, People Eat More at Home, Food Magazines Prosper
While the rest of the print industry is going to the dogs (literally – my housemates are using them to train their puppy), food magazines are on the rise. Everyday Food, Everyday with Rachael Ray, and Everyday Everyday Everyday (by the makers of Everyday) have all increased their numbers the first half of this year.

Serious Eats: More Signs of the End of Food – Fiber One Pop Tarts
Everything I know is wrong. And just to prove it …

Serious Eats: Peanut Butter Slices
Are you freaking kidding me?

Slashfood: Don’t Let ‘em Freeze – Bring Your Herbs in for Winter
We’ve posted similar links before, but herb preservation definitely deserves a yearly reminder. Don’t let your flava go to waste!

The Toronto Star: Soup a good way to economize
Torontites get soupy with it in the face of a worsening economy. Sweet Canadians, we never meant to hurt you.

Wise Bread: Cooking with Cabbage – 10 Cheap Meal Ideas
Cheap, fiber-filled, cheap, plentiful, and cheap, cabbage plays a valuable role in cuisines all over the world. Here, Myscha Theriault comes up with a bushel of tasty dishes featuring the vaunted vegetable.

Zen Habits: 9 Fail-proof Tips for Eating Healthy at Social Gatherings
Leo’s readers come up with a simple list of party tricks for the healthy eater. Clip and save.

YumSugar: Burning Question: What's the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?
I’m ashamed to say this, but I had no idea. (Except for, you know, the spelling.)

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