Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks: The Tattoo You Edition

Casual Kitchen: Spending to Save – Frugality and Expensive Food
Daniel poses a GREAT question: “Is it possible to enjoy expensive things and yet still be frugal and financially responsible?” I say yes. In fact, if you have the means, I think it’s occasionally necessary to avoid feeling deprived.

Chocolate and Zucchini: How the Blind Cook
Take a moment between the frugality and food-themed posts to enjoy this interview with sightless C&Z reader David E. Price. Entirely blind since age 28, he describes how he cooks and eats using special tools, as well as tricks honed through years in the kitchen. One of my grandfathers was blind, so I think this is fascinating stuff. (Thanks to Casual Kitchen for the link.)

Chow: Canned Beer That’s Actually Good
Though the article doesn’t mention Guinness (a glaring oversight – it’s much better in cans than bottles), this is a fairly thorough rundown of aluminum-bound booze. It seems canning technology is making it a much easier go, and these brews are finally gaining some respect as a result. Three cheers!

Chow: Overweight? It’s Because You Don’t Like Food
Recent studies show “the obese don’t appear to get as much pleasure as they expect from food,” so they tend to consume extra calories in an effort to attain that pleasure. This would explain my ever-growing 47 daily cups of coffee problem.

Culinate: The best books about vegetables – cookbooks in my crisper
Vegetarians! (And Vegans!) (And other people who eat vegetables!) Take note! Culinate lists their seven must-have veggie cookbooks, in order of Colossally Helpful to merely Incredibly Helpful.

Culinate: How to Buy the Only Knife You Really Need
Three weeks ago, I dropped my chef’s knife on my bare foot. Thankfully, it landed dull side up, or I would be missing three toes right now. A crappy blade wouldn’t have been as dangerous, but … well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Epi-Log: Knife Skills 101 - 3 Books to Help Sharpen Your Skills
Speaking of knives … Once you’ve got one, it helps to know how to use it (so there are no impromptu amputations or such).

The Epi-Log: Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget from a Spa Founder
Spa owner Deborah Szekely, 87-years-old, says, “You can feed your family for a third of the price by going local, seasonal, and unprocessed.” HEED THE OLD WOMAN. She know of what she speaks.

The Kitchn: Conscientious Cook – How to Start Saving Money This Weekend
In which many of the standards (set a budget, cook at home, etc.) are mentioned, but are preceded by two great suggestions: “talk to your family” and “talk to your friends.” All too often, I think we approach food budgeting alone, when brainstorming could help loads.

LA Times: Kitchen essentials, and items you can pass by
Extensive run-through of dozens of lesser-used kitchen appliances, along with yea/nay commentary on whether or not they’re good buys. Examples: mortar and pestle, GOOD! Gourmet salts, BAD! (Thanks to The Kitchn for the link.)

Money Saving Mom: Guest Post - Tips for Saving Money on Organic Food
Nice, quick compendium of specifics, including websites, store-particular deals, and simple price comparison. Worth a gander if you’d like to up the organic quotient of your diet.

New York Post: Brother Can You Spare a Steak?
Writer Brian Niemietz attempts to negotiate discounts at five New York City restaurants, ranging from a corner pizza place to Dylan Prime Steakhouse. His success rate hovers around 50%, with points docked for an iffy naan.

New York Times: What’s Fresh Is Not the Only Factor
Sushi sustainability guides! Get ‘em here!

Serious Eats: Is Chocolate a Health Food?
(*crosses fingers*) OH please oh please oh please oh please. (*reads article*) Maybe? Okay, I’ll take it.

Simple Dollar: How to Plan Ahead for Next Week’s Meals (And Save Significant Money): A Step-By-Step Guide
This is EXACTLY what I do from week to week, just with different recipe search engines. It’s comforting to know a financial expert like Trent does the same thing.

Slashfood: Are You Eating Out Less?
Some numbers: “43% of respondents are eating out less, 39% are choosing less expensive restaurants, and 35% are packing their own lunch for work, compared to six months ago.” How about you guys?

Slate: Fresh Moose – Why Sarah Palin is a Locavore
Man, “locavore” is probably the nicest thing any of the candidates has been called lately. But beyond that: Palin’s a hunter who eats what she kills. It’s DIY in its purest form, and this city girl can’t think of anything wrong with that.

Wise Bread: The Great Coupon Debate
Margaret is a make-it-from-scratch kind of lady. Her husband is a buy-two-boxes-of-Lucky-Charms-for-60%-off guy. Who wins in their house? Read on and find out.

Also this week, CHG appeared in two festivals:


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