Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

Before we get to today’s links, I’d like to take a minute to commemorate the most important story you, me, or anyone across our vast, glorious planet will read this week. You know the one I’m talking about. The sad one. The crazy one. The one that will forever change the lives of teenagers aching to burst free of complacency/sobriety. If you don’t know, I’m sorry I have to bring it up here, in a simple blog.

Yes, the rumors are true: Zima is being discontinued.

Really, it’s kind of like losing a family member, if that family member came in a frosted bottle and tasted like a terrier’s butt. But don’t fret, dear readers! My youth may be lost, but your teen’s is still safe. Why, just think of all the other terrible, terrible malt beverages flooding the market today. If all goes well, your child will try one, decide it reminds them of “the devil’s urine” (which, word-for-word, is how my friend Mike described Zima Gold in 1994), and learn to hate alcohol forever. And in that way, Zima’s legacy will be preserved, even as the beverage itself meets its maker.

Now, for our regularly scheduled links…

Chief Family Officer: Our Biggest Spending Pitfall – Eating Out
Oh, sweet Cathy, I hear you. The Boyfriend and I have both had the sniffles lately, and rather than cook, we’ve been resorting to takeout egg drop soup and spicy noodles. (Really, anything that will temporarily sate our sinuses.) The financial effects have been … not nice.

Culinate: The Winter Squash Glossary
Sure, the butternut, acorn, and spaghetti varieties are here, but also – kabocha! Hubbard! Kuri! (Sidenote: up until I read this article, I didn’t know those words were types of food. I assumed they were the names of the secret Palin kids.)

Dietriffic: 30+ Ways to Recession-Proof Your Family Food Budget
In this post is everything you ever needed to know about saving food cash, plus links. Really, it makes CHG obsolete. Stop reading! We have no purpose. (Er … just kidding. I love you. All of you.) (Thanks to Being Frugal for the link.)

The Epi-Log: Does Organic Really Matter?

Arrrrrg. Everything I know is wrong.

The Kitchn: Best Healthy Comfort Foods? Ideas Wanted!
Worth a look for the comments thread, in which ideas are plentiful and solid. Included: popcorn, hot cocoa, butternut squash puree, edamame, roasted apples, soup, crumbles, and … holy cow. I’m going to get lunch now.

New York Times: Across the Country, Restaurants Feel the Pinch
Okay! I’m back from lunch! And it’s just in time for this NYT story, (again) documenting the financial collapse of another food-related industry. Ack. Now I need a drink.

Rocks in My Dryer: Aldi’s – Is It Worth It?
SPREADSHEET POWER! Shannon did a price comparison between Aldi’s and her local WalMart, and the former comes out so far ahead, it’s kind of ridiculous. Let’s put it this way: if the stores were swimmers, Aldi’s is Michael Phelps, and WalMart is some poor schmuck from a small town in Lichtenstein.

Rocks in My Dryer: What I'd Like For You To Know - Dealing with Food Allergies in a Child
I used to work with a guy with a severe peanut allergy, meaning you couldn’t touch a nut and then shake his hand, because it would literally KILL HIM. Here, mom Jane Anne describes how it is for kids. Another solid entry in RiMD’s What I’d Like for You to Know series.

Serious Eats: The Latest in College Financial Aid: Food Stamps
So, college students in Denver are applying for government assistance to get them through the week without starving. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, if you’re putting yourself through school, these can be incredibly helpful. On the other hand … if you can afford college, why can’t you make room in the budget for some Ramen? (Yes, I know some people are taking out monster loans and trying to better their chances at a good job, but … yeah, it doesn’t sit right with me for some reason.)

SF Gate: One turkey bacon stands out in the flock
Oscar Meyer’s Louis Rich brand beats all others (including Trader Joes!) in a walk. I’m a fan of Applegate myself, but the tastetesters do not agree in the least. (Thanks to Serious Eats for the link.)

The Simple Dollar: Stop Wasting Money on Disposable Things
Post of the week, for sure. Trent makes a short list of stuff we shouldn’t have to throw out, including batteries, Swiffers, and Ziploc bags. Gigantic comment thread (94+ comments) adds even more creative ideas.

Slashfood: Just the Thing for Your BLT – Baconnaise
NOOOOOO! Why in the name of all that is good and pure would anyone pervert the simple beauty of bacon by combining it with MAYONNAISE? WHY? WHY? WHY? ARG. THIS HURTS MY SOUL.

Wired: The Future of Food
Geeks! Nerds! Foodies! UNITE! Super-awesome graphics and genuinely neat information combine to create a ludicrously cool series on feeding the planet. It’s the magazine’s front page, too, so if you can’t see it online…

(Photos courtesy of teamlorenz, The District Domestic, and bacontarian.)


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