Thursday, July 3, 2008

Veggie Might: Linksapoppin’ - Put a Pin in It

Penned by the effervescent Leigh, Veggie Might is a weekly Thursday column about the wide world of Vegetarianism.

There is so much I want to talk with you about, but it’s been so hectic around here I haven’t been able to focus. Here are some hot topics (and some just fun, weird links) we can talk about in depth later. Happy belated Canada Day, dear neighbors to the north, and happy 4th of July, my American brethren and sistren. Until we’re a year older...

365 Days of Trash—Week 25
In an effort to see just how much trash one man generates, a guy named Dave is keeping his garbage in his basement for one year. It’s a fascinating experiment in self-awareness and sustainability—with pictures of trash.

Avec Eric: Salt and Pepper
Eric Ripert, chef of Le Bernadin, Bourdain bud, and hottest dude to ever hawk toaster ovens, waxes philosophic about the simplest and most underrated seasonings.

BoingBoing: Pac Man Cake with Cupcake Ghosts
So awesome! I wish I’d thought of it.

GoVeg: Top Ten Vegetarian-Friendly Ballparks
PETA’s sister site ranks the healthiest vegetarian stadium food in major league baseball. It’s not that surprising that Frisco, Seattle, and San Diego top the list, but Philadelphia in first place? Way to go, Phillies (in food only)!

Hezbollah Tofu
In Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain famously railed, “Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any chef worth a damn.” The folks at Hezbollah Tofu have made it their mission to veganize all of Bourdain’s recipes just because they can. Oh, and for spite.

Overheard in New York: They’re Not Made with Real Girl Scouts
New Yorkers say the darndest things.

The Root: Low-Budget Vegan
Sadiya Wims whips up some improvised soymilk and shows Oprah how it’s done.

Slate: Can Prison Food Be Unconstitutionally Bad?
The author serves up three versions of the punitive Nutraloaf to his friends. “I asked him what was the worst thing he'd ever eaten. ‘Cat,’ he said. ‘But I didn't know it was cat.’”

Slate: Is America’s Obesity Linked to Its Decline in Savings?
This is an interesting editorial correlating our increasing waistlines to our shrinking bank accounts. The good news is that the trends seem to be swapping places on the flow chart.

SuperVegan: I Do Feel Lucky
I’m not a big fan of Clint Eastwood*, but this was a surprising bit of celebrity vegan news. Who knew Dirty Harry was a vegan? This is definitely a step toward forgiveness. (* I’m still angry about the film version of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, one of the best books of all time.)

Vegan YumYum: Knit Night Cupcakes
This is one of my favorite vegan blogs. The food is photographed beautifully, and the recipes are adventurous while still accessible. This cupcake post appeared over a year ago, and Her Majesty Martha got wind of it, bringing the proprietress on her show for a tutorial. I got wind of it because I love knitting and cupcakes. (Thanks Rach!)

Wired: Would You Eat Lab Grown Meat?
Here is a video produced by PBS’s Your Week questioning whether folks would be interested in partaking of the fruits PETA’s controversial million-dollar challenge. Does PETA do anything that isn’t controversial? Let’s put a pin in this for sure.

Bonus Funny Goodtime
Natalie Dee: Super Breakfast
Natalie Dee, another fellow central Ohioan, has been drawing Web comics for over five years. This is one of my favorites, along with this one and this one. Get ready to kiss a few hours good bye, my friends. You’re welcome!

(Photos courtesy of Flickr members Ohmzar and teenytinyturkey.)


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