Thursday, July 3, 2008

CHG Favorites of the Week

Hey everyone – before we get to today’s favorites, just wanted to link to three older CHG articles that could help out with the weekend’s party planning:

Cheap Healthy Party Food

Picky, Picky: Frugal Healthy Menu Ideas for a Fussy Crowd

Classy Parties on the Cheap: Baby Showers, Barbecues, and Beyond

Look out for a few more links later today from Veggie Might, too. We'll break for the weekend after that, so have a lovely 4th!

Food Blog of the Week
Love Food Hate Waste
LFHW isn’t so much a blog as an entire site devoted to making meals from what’s already hanging around your kitchen. Based in the UK (note the Marmite), its pages are FILLED TO THE BRIM with simple, valuable cooking information presented in clean, fun way. Seriously, you’ll kill at least 15 minutes flipping through the graphics. Good times.

Food Comedy of the Week
George Carlin on Food
Classic Carlin from Carnegie Hall in the early '80s. It’s full of his signature wordplay, and about as PG-13 as he ever got. Still dang funny, though.

Food Organization of the Week
Louie’s Kids
Tying in to last week’s article on overweight kids, Louie’s Kids “is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that raises funds to help treat childhood obesity … [it] works to find the best treatment options to meet the needs of each child … Founded in 2001 in Alexandria, Virginia and operated today out of Charleston, South Carolina, Louie's Kids serves economically disadvantaged kids nationwide.”

Food Quote of the Week
“I had teeth that stuck out so far, I used to eat other kids' candy bars by accident.” – Rita Rudner

Untried Cheap, Healthy Recipe of the Week
Rhubarb Compote at Culinate
A simple recipe for a tricky vegetable. Man, that’s beautiful.

Food Video of the Week
“Milk and Honey” by Beck
Stellar live performance of Midnite Vultures’ eighth track, complete with trippy lighting tricks that make Mr. Hanson look like a member of Jefferson Airplane. Fun-kay.

Totally Unrelated Extra Special Bonus of the Week
Best Week Ever's blog
For the most part, the pop culture blogosphere is a weird, scary place where baby bumps and two-headed beasts named Brangelina and Anistayer litter front pages like so much paparazzi-strewn confetti. Then, there’s Best Week Ever. SO creative and SO well written, it avoids the ignoble trappings of the TMZ/Perez Hilton/“OMG! Katieee Holmez iz a ROBUT!!!” crew without ever batting a rainbow-hued eyelash. Even better, it occasionally posts painstakingly-researched features like 50 Animals Squashed Against Glass. Just relax and go with it, yo.

(Photos courtesy of chromasia and Best Week Ever.)


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