Wednesday, July 2, 2008

CHG Year 2: A Feedback Request

It’s been a year since Cheap Healthy Good officially launched, and sweet readers, I have a question: how can this blog be better?

See, we’ll be making a bunch of changes around here in the coming months, and your views, wants, needs, desires, and smartass comments about kale are most definitely needed. So, if you have a second, I’d love to read your opinions on the following:

What topics would you like to see covered?

Which articles do you never, ever want to see again?

Are there foods you want more of?

What kind of links do you prefer?

What design improvements would you make?

If there’s a single change you could make to CHG, and decreasing the frequency of Office references isn’t an option, what would it be?

I really value your input, and will to do my best to meet your needs while still maintaining the blog’s tone, style, and mission. Speaking of, on my end, I promise the following:

A new design. While Blogger’s been dang skippy for hosting purposes, there’s a real-live website in the works, with an actual logo and nifty little tabs. Oh! And fresh colors, too. Because I am the girliest girl to ever girl the girl, choosing those will be my favorite part.

Better pictures. It’s true! No longer will you ask yourself, “Is that a plum or a rock?” or “Was she being strangled by the mob when she took that photo?” Moving forward, I hereby pledge to read my camera’s manual, so CHG recipes don’t appear to have been prepared in the Bat Cave. Barring that, I will at least try different angles.

A focus on food. There are so many tangential issues related to cheap, healthy cooking that the blog’s kind of gotten away from its central theme a bit. In the future, Wednesday articles will have more of a culinary bent, though there’ll still be the occasional 50 MOST AWESOME QUOTES ABOUT KUMQUATS post.

More feedback. My commenting blows. I know it. Henceforth, I’ll respond to readers in a timely, well thought-out fashion with the unassailable wit, wisdom, and fart jokes my parents have semi-proudly come to expect from their grown children.

And that’s it. Bring it on, everybody!


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