Saturday, June 7, 2008

Comments of the Week

This week, it’s coupon tips, suggestions for forgiving yourself, and a slew of fantastic ideas for thrice-a-week veggie dinners. Cam, as god as my witness, I am trying those Nachos Grande. AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME!


On Of Plumbing and Turkey Burgers
(I mentioned Dave and Kelly's sink woes in Tuesday’s post. This is his update.)

Dave: after an entire weekend spent in the house, approximately fifteen calls to the landlord, and two visits from some very nice gentlemen with some exceeding hard core pieces of equipment, kel and i have, like you guys, come to appreciate the wonders that a fully functional kitchen represents. i also appreciate the wonder that is the modern drain snake. probably a little more than kel does. but man, that thing is awesome.


On Relax Frugal Eater: A Measured Approach to Lifestyle Changes

Ms. Meghan: Make sure the reward doesn't offset the act it's rewarding. In other words, if you managed to lose five pounds, don't go out and have an ice cream cone to celebrate (unless treats are part of the plan).

Kristen: I've had a bad habit of wasting food for a long time, and I've finally started to work on it in earnest. I'm blogging about it now(link is in my profile), and it's helped me a lot. Knowing that I've promised myself that I will post a photo of the food I throw away has really motivated me to persevere in using my food.

Daniel Koontz: Allow yourself a "cheat day" once in a while. On that day, you allow yourself to break a few of your rules without feeling guilty about it.

On Monday Megalinks: The Kitchen Sink Edition
(re: Vegetarian dinner ideas)

mollyjade: It's vegetable grilling season. Beyond the usuals like corn or vegetable kebabs (with or without marinated tofu), you can also grill things like pizza or potatoes. And leftover grilled vegetables make great sandwiches or grain or pasta toppings.

Jesse Harris: Beans are often a great way to enjoy meatless entrees without resorting to everyone's favorite carb. I'm especially fond of lentil soup or even a simple meal of hummus with cucumber slices and pita.

Marianne: Our #1 favorite is the Vegetable and Bean Tamale Pie from Cook's Illustrated's "The Best Make-Ahead Meals". I make the full recipe but portion it out in cheap aluminum bread pans, then chuck them in the freezer.

Jill: My 14 yo daughter went veggie on us a year ago and rather than cook two meals, I just started serving more vegetarian meals to all of us. It is cheaper and healthier (usually!) anyway.

I have two words: Nachos grandes. Take a 9x12 casserole dish and fill it about halfway with tortilla chips. Add a layer of sliced avocado. Add a layer of refried beans (we prefer homemade black beans). On top of that, corn, on top of that, salsa, and on top of that, cheese. Cook 15 min at 450. Nom, Nom, Nom.

molly b.: My favorite thing in the summer is to make up fresh guacamole (avocados are cheap and plentiful in my neck of the woods) and serve it with the black bean flautas from the old Vegetarian Times Cookbook. ... They're also really good with Southern Living's Hill Country Salsa. Another favorite is a big spinach salad, with homemade pita chips and a dip that a friend told us about: black beans and feta in the food processor. Just add some of each until you get the desired consistency. :-)

Kelly: My favorite meatless meals are Epicurious' Spiced Black Bean Burgers and Cooking Light's Baked Eggplant with Savory Cheese Stuffing.

Eating Healthy While Clipping Coupons

Anonymous: 1. Don't use that little "coupon wallet" to store them in. I keep mine in a trapper -keeper filled with transparent baseball card holders … 2. Check the coupons in the paper before you leave the store. … 3. Some larger stores will triple coupons less than 40 cents, and double coupons less than 51 cents. …4. If you're lucky, and brave enough to rummage in the shadows, your store has a dark corner filled with food unworthy of being sold looking pretty. Coupons count towards these items.

Saving Advice: You can contact organic companies directly and often get coupons for their products. Here is a list of contact numbers for organic and natural food companies.

Monroe on a Budget: If you want to buy "pantry items" (useful for cooking from scratch) on coupons, you will find them as part of the Thanksgiving / Christmas foods marketing campaigns.Yes, I'm talking about flour, canned milk, Splenda, cinnamon and other spices, even cookie sheets.

NH Mom of 3: First -- I was recently shopping at my local food co-op and noticed near the entrance a coupon book (geared towards the natural/organic type of items) in the rack with a list of weekly/monthly specials at the store. … 2nd -- I sometimes can find better deals on pantry staples and fresh fruits/veggies at stores like Costco, BJs, etc. But this tip is really only effective if you know your family can actually EAT everything that might be in the bigger item there.

(Photos courtesy of downtownpropertymanagement, and i can has cheezburger.)


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