Thursday, June 19, 2008

CHG Favorites of the Week

Blog of the Week
Open Source Food
After the sad death of my beloved Tastespotting, it seemed like no other food porn would be brave enough to step up and fill the void. O joyous day – Open Source Food is giving it a shot. Will it be the Jim Belushi to Tastespotting’s John Belushi, or the Jake Gyllehaal to its Maggie Gyllenhaal? Only time (and a torturous metaphor) will tell.

Food Book of the Week
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
Reading this book is like watching a really endearing, albeit slightly self-obsessed friend rebuild her life after a nasty divorce. The first third of the novel takes place in Italy, where the author gains 23 pounds of pure pasta. Envious? Me?

Food Comedy of the Week
"Die Hard 12: Die Hungry" from the Ben Stiller Show
Oh, long lost Ben Stiller Show – you deserved so much more than the single season FOX deemed acceptable. For more early-‘90s comedy excitement, check out Bono for Lucky Clovers.

Food Organization of the Week
American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund
Just about a bazillion Iowans losts their homes this week, and the Red Cross is there to help. Click and donate to assist those threatened by the Mississippi.

Food Quote of the Week
“Sorry Lis, I can't be a vegetarian. I love the taste of death!” – Bart Simpson

Untried Cheap, Healthy Recipe of the Week
Pineapple Fried Rice by Yongfook at Open Source Food
We don’t need no steenking Tastespotting. With a light touch on the oil, this could turn out pleasantly healthy, as well.

Food Video of the Week
“Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve
Bittersweet is a taste. Thus, the video.

Totally Unrelated Extra Special Video of the Week
"Counting With Bruce Springsteen" from the Ben Stiller Show
Aw heck, what’s one more?


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