Saturday, June 14, 2008

Comments of the Week

This week, readers brainstorm tips for hot-weather cooking, Jaime salutes the ultimate ballpark food, and Kirby explains Hulu for the uninitiated (i.e. me).

On CHG Favorites of the Week

Kirby: (re: It offers free episodes and clips from tv and movies. You have to sit through short (30 sec.) commercials, but the offerings are worth it (like all of Firefly, full episodes of Family Guy and the Simpsons.) You don't have to sign up to use it, but if you do they will notify you when they add new episodes of shows you are waiting for.

On City Kitchen Chronicles: My Wet Hot New Yorkian Summer

c.r.a.: Not opening the windows until the temperature outside is less than it is inside, is also key (an indoor outdoor thermometer comes in handy for that).

Anonymous: Try using a slow cooker for some meals, if you have one. It won't heat up the apartment like an oven. I also swear by lemonade in the heat.

Paul: I'm all about cottage cheese and hummus... especially mixing it with Trader Joe's chipotle hummus... which I'm pretty sure is the best hummus in the galaxy.. it looks sort of grody but tastes like heaven.

Pam: My favorite summer meal is shrimp cocktail w/buffalo mozzarella and sliced tomatoes.

On Tuesday Megalinks: Longest. Ever. Edition.

Jaime: (re: stadium eats) The only ballpark food worth eating is Dippin Dots. Eating anything else is wasting time, money, and calories that could be spent on Dippin Dots.

On FAQing With a Side of Curried Chickpeas

Chief Family Officer: I highly recommend these CL sandwich recipes (hopefully he likes pesto): Turkey Pesto Sandwiches (from 2002! can you tell I've been a CL fan forever?) and Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwiches (makes a ton b/c it's a lunch club recipe, I usually make half a recipe).

Cookus Interruptus
: Curry powder can be kind of uninteresting. YOu'll get a lot more flavor by either fresh grinding the whole spices purchased in bulk (cumin, cardomom) and combining with some tumeric OR making a cool curry paste to keep in your fridge and add to things (my favorite).

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