Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Megalinks: Now With Free Apologies!

First! Hello there, everybody from Serious Eats! Feel free to browse around, and I’m happy to answer any questions y’all have. My e-mail is over there under “view my complete profile,” and the comments section is always open/waiting for your call.

Second! Fortunately, yesterday’s BBQ went off without any major poisonings, burns, or terrible, terrible guacamole fights. Unfortunately, the hubbub (and, uh, four beers) meant I didn’t have time to prepare a recipe for today. Boo, me. So, with some sheepishness and many apologies, I’m switching the posting schedule around: today will be Megalinks, and tomorrow, The World our regularly scheduled recipe. Let's get to it!

Consumerist: Waste Your Saturday with 50 Funny Commercial Parodies
From this year’s fantastic Annuale (Tina Feynatic, right here) to Chris Farley’s classic Hibernol, it’s all here. Well, it’s mostly SNL, but it’s here, with lots of food-based parodies (Colon Blow! Nike Turkey! Little Chocolate Donuts!) to boot.

Get Rich Slowly: The Rise of Suburban Farming
Really neat piece on an Oregon couple who’ve turned their backyard into a series of mini crops. Untainted patches of land are pretty hard to come by here in NYC, but I have noticed more gardening here and there. I wonder if it’s a whole movement?

The Kitchn: Dressing Spring Salads – How to Make a Basic Vinaigrette
Something so simple, and something I butcher with such frequency! (My salads are pretty much pools of vinegar with little leaves floating in it.) But now I can learn…

Master Your Card: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover
Kristy worked at a bank for ages, and in that time, learned the following: better-dressed people were often the brokest, they had no cash because they blew it on restaurants, and Jose Canseco is an idiot.

Mrs. Micah: Dining Out Frugally Without Stiffing on the Tip
Great, pointed article from MM about the politics of tipping when you’re trying to save a buck. I sympathize, but hey, if you can’t afford a tip, you can’t afford to eat out.

New York Sun: A Cooking Show Host’s Recipe for Kitchen Success
Sweet little piece about Ellie Krieger’s home kitchen that makes me wonder how to become her friend immediately. And she considers the word “diet” to be obscene! Three cheers! (Thanks to Eater for the link)

New York Times: All of Inflation’s Little Parts
Oh, this is the neatest economics graph EVER. Never mind that it looks like a petri dish out of Dante’s Inferno.

New York Times: Change We Can Stomach
Endearing, hopeful article on the rise of small farms all over the world. Imagine – better produce at a livable cost obtained from independent, family-owned growers. It’s easy if you try!

Serious Eats: What do you bring to lunch to eat at your desk?
The long-awaited sequel to the original epic Take to work lunches thread, this SE comment roundup contains several suggestions on brown-bagging it in style. Riveting! Daring! Harrison Ford at his finest! Look for a follow-up CHG article sometime soon…

The Simple Dollar: Making Your Own Homemade Oatmeal Packets: A Visual Guide and Cost Analysis
Super-detailed, incredibly thorough breakdown comparing the cost of kitchen-assembled oatmeal packets over the store-bought packaged guys. If you’re an oatmeal fan, home-made stuff is definitely worth a shot. If you prefer hitting the supermarket, go generic. It’s one of the few products where Brand X is comparable to Quaker.

Slate: Meatless Like Me
Funny piece on the misconceptions about vegetarians, including: loving tofu, hating bacon, needing garden burgers 24/7, and being lefty commie pinkos with hemp hairnets and drapes made from Birkenstock textiles. The first paragraph alone is worth the read, if only for the vindictive sandwich chomper at the end. (Thanks to Serious Eats for the link.) Man lives 20 years without food
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Phan Tuan Loc, a.k.a. MY MORTAL ENEMY. Subsiding on sugar and tea is frugal, but not so great for the tastebuds and such. (Thanks to Slashfood for the link.)

(Photos courtesy of TV Shows on DVD and Flickr member Mikaela.)


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