Saturday, May 3, 2008

Comments of the Week

This week, a plethora of food crisis opinions, the obscene beauty of Frickadellen, and David “Ewok” Archuleta splits the vote. Thanks for all the great comments, folks! And as always, some have been edited slightly for length.

Oh yeah! I forgot to link to this week’s Festival of Frugality, which is over at Sound Money Matters. Hurry! (Uh, when you’re done here.)

On Roasted Chickpeas: Wrong Way, Right Way

Autumn: My pound cake ran over once in the oven...I spent hours cleaning it up. Got a few nasty burns, definitely employed loud oaths, and ended up buying some spray stuff that made the burned-on goo disintegrate like magic. It was pretty cool.

Ms. Meghan: I highly recommend smothering them with hungarian paprika and garlic powder as well.

On Tuesday Megalinks

Chief Family Officer: Do you find that you go to nice restaurants and think to yourself that it's so not worth the cost compared to what you could have prepared at home? I've felt that way for at least the last five years.

On The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Food Crisis: How it Started, Who it Hurts Most, and How to Solve the Problem

Keith: You forgot one of the most important reasons for high food costs (at least in the US), and that is government subsidizing of farmers, encouraging them to not grow crops.

Aryn: And how does our Congress respond to the increase in corn prices? Why increase the subsidies, of course, which leaves the average person paying twice for food - once in subsidies taken from our taxes and once when we buy it in the store.

Finally Frugal: We'll need to adapt to the higher prices, but that could be beneficial: eating less meat (and fewer resources used to 'grow' that meat), buying more raw food (less packaging and more support for local growers) and less waste of leftovers.

Jill: I know I will be canning peaches, pears, jams, jellies, etc this summer and I'm buying it now rather than wait because, in all likelihood, it will be more expensive this summer. … I don't call this hoarding because I'm actually going to use this and we are not talking hundreds of pounds!!

Jennifer: Grow your own food. … Not only does it reduce your costs, but it reduces the demand on the supply for every one else. Plus, you can't get produce any fresher and more local than your own backyard!

On CHG Favorites of the Week

Kim: Just FYI - this version of Everybody Knows is also on the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack. Ahhh...the late 80's goodness...

trmbmom: I would have definitely named a girl Betty if a) husband ok'd it and b) we hadn't had two lovely boys instead...

Grace: Betty's next book, "Joy in the Morning" is darn good, too. And surprisingly feminist given when she wrote it.

TwoHandsAndARoadmap: All those food descriptions in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn are really something else. Frickadellen (the meat/bread mixture Katie makes) is also a great swear word substitute for when the kids are around.

On Lightened Mashed Potatoes with Leeks and Sour Cream. Also, American Idol.

Jill: As for David Archuleta, I adore him. I have two teenage daughters (16 and 14)who also adore him … I'll admit he needs to act like a teenager a little more and less like miniature 40 year old, but still . . .!

Amy: Amen sister. You nailed the David Archeletta nail on the head. I agree 100%. ... David Cook will win, I seriously hope so. Then again, I would have bet my house on the fact that Carley at least makes it to the top 4, so what do I really know? (Carley = so sad, sniff sniff)

Sarah: Amen on the David Archuleta summary. … His song choices are that of 50 year old woman

American Fork: I totally love both Davids and Syesha. Being from Utah, we all consider David Archuleta our Hometown Hero and totally want him to win. Castro has to GO this week!! :)

(Photos courtesy of PAB and Soundtrack Collector.)


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