Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

Folks, I don’t know if you knew this, but it’s not only National Jelly Bean Day and National Karaoke Week, but also National Welding Month. So get out there, pop a Buttered Popcorn, belt “Since You’ve Been Gone,” and hug the nearest guy holding a blowtorch.

AV Club: Taste Test – Nutriloaf
And you may ask yourself, “Sweet merciful crap, what is that THING?” And the Onion's answer is: “Nutriloaf, a.k.a. Prison Loaf, a.k.a. what it tastes like to have your soul whither and die inside of you.”

Casual Kitchen: More Applications of the 80/20 Rule to Diet, Food and Cooking
A sweet continuation/expansion of Dan’s original piece on the 80/20 cooking rule. He’s been on a tear lately with the recipes, too, so be sure to check one out.

Chow: Q&A Alton Brown
OO! Alton’s got a sequel to Feasting on Asphalt coming up called Feasting on Waves. It’s Alton on the sea! And after that? Feasting in Air and Space. AND? He’ll be featured in the Wii version of Iron Chef: Supreme Cuisine. Man, I love this guy.

CNN: Men eat meat, women eat veggies
A.k.a. Also - Puppies are Fuzzy and Socks Feel Nice: Things We Learned Just By Being Alive (Thanks to Get Fit Slowly for the link.)

CNN: Moms’ new battle – the food price bulge
Quick, story-based summary of nationwide saving strategies. This stuff's been all over Frugal Hacks for the last 47 years, but it's nice to see a more widespread acceptance of the frugality shebang.

The Economist: The new face of hunger
We’ve heard a lot about rising U.S. food prices lately, but they’re absolutely soaring in other corners of the globe. Basics (wheat, corn, rice) have jumped as much as 141%, and dozens of countries are in serious danger of a shortage. The really interesting part is where it all comes from: “The changes include the gentle upward pressure from people in China and India eating more grain and meat as they grow rich and the sudden, voracious appetites of western biofuels programmes, which convert cereals into fuel.” (Thanks to Serious Eats for the link.)

Festival of Frugality #122: On Financial Success
In clever paragraph format. Hark! The keyboard is truly mightier than the sword, good sir!

iVillage: How to Use Up Leftover Ingredients
Short’n sweet slideshow on … take a guess. It includes quite a few recipes along with the photos of gray-haired aunties opening suspiciously perfect refrigerators, so skip on over.

The Kitchn: Kitchen Spotlight – London Urchin’s Fold-Out Jewel Box
This tiny Transformer-esque galley took top honors in Apartment Therapy’s Smallest Coolest Kitchen contest last year, and with such good reason. Flat-dwellers, take notes! (P.S. The 2008 Small Cool Contest is up right now at AT, and it’s definitely way fun. East #9: Roxy’s Room to Grow is my favorite so far.)

NY Journal: Stars, Here and Elsewhere
Confidential to New Yorkers: ever wonder why a four-star Time Out eatery might only notch two stars from the New York Times? Here’s your answer. Nice breakdown of the restaurant star rating system for Michelin, the Daily News, New York Magazine and more.

New York Times: Leftovers, Yes, but Perfectly Crisp
Speaking about NYC, it looks like the frugality movement finally made it over. S’about time, Mets fans.

Pinch My Salt: Use Food Blog Search to Find the Best Recipes
Thorough, gushing review/description of Food Blog Search, an excellent, Google-sponsored search engine for blog-spawned recipes, as well as a must-see if you like pretty pictures, enjoy clever writing, and/or want to get off the AllRecipes/Epicurious/Food Network grid.

Slashfood: Jamie Oliver says lighter meals for a better chance to score
(*Bowm-chicka-bowm-bowm.*) Just another pleasant side effect to light eating. Know what I mean, baby? (*wink*)

Torontoist: Vintage Toronto Ads - How to Prevent a Domestic Disturbance
For anyone who’s ever reminisced about the good old days: Torontoist found a vintage Canadian Heinz ad that begins with the following excerpt: “Most husbands, nowadays, have stopped beating their wives…” And yes, it gets better. Crazy. (Thanks to Jezebel for the link.)

Wall Street Journal: NYC Can Force Chain Restaurants to Post Calorie Counts
Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King are gonna hafta start listing health information, which is even MORE important in light of recent findings that very few people have any idea what’s in the average fast-food sandwich. (Thanks to Consumerist for the link.)

(Photos courtesy of The Onion AV Club, Nouriche, and SMH.com.)


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