Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

It's a saucy batch of links today, folks. Opinions abound on the impending recession/ever-increasing grocery prices, and bloggers aren't afraid to get all up in ... uh, somebody's ... face. Read on and don't forget to express yo'self! (Note: Not necessarily Madonna-style.) (Note: Though, if you have a cone bra, go for it.)
Chief Family Officer: No Surprise – Cooking at Home is Cheaper
Cathy summarizes an LA Times article that discovers full-blown gourmet meals can be prepared in one’s kitchen for a little over half the price. THAT'S whaI'mtalkin'bout!

The Digerati Life: Coupon Tips and Tricks That Can Cut Your Grocery Bill By 80%
TDL presents the best, most exhaustive outline of couponing strategies I’ve seen yet. Trick #8 is the key to LIFE. Read it. Absorb it. Make sweet love to it.

Gen X Finance: Maybe Higher Food Prices Are Really Good For Us as a Society
It’s the literary equivalent of castor oil, in which a recent CNN article is absolutely picked apart for its tremendous “duh” quotient. You’ll eat your recession and like it!

Jezebel: Dear America – Maybe Leave the Hoarding to Countries that Can’t Live Off Their Fat for a Few Months
The incredible femme-blog presents eight highly recommended sources for Food Crisis updates. I’ll have lots more on this in tomorrow’s article, so stay tuned, my pets. (P.S. Am I allowed to say “my pets”? I’m only 30, and am not one of Disney’s evil stepmothers, so I’m not sure.)

New York Times: Boy or Girl? The Answer May Depend on Mom’s Eating Habits
Wow! A link has been found between baby genders and skipping meals. Here’s a preview: “There was also a strong correlation between women eating breakfast cereals and producing sons.” This could mean strange things for cereal-naming professionals. Anyone up for a nice bowl of Cracklin’ Oat Man? How about Honey Boy-nches of Oats? (Gah. Sorry.)

New York Times: Recession Diet Just One Way to Tighten Belt
While the article takes a wholesale (no pun intended) approach to cutting back, it does offer a few illuminating restaurant and food stats. Much better than the CNN piece.

New York Times: Strategic Spending on Organic Foods
Turns out that peaches, strawberries, sweet bell peppers, celery, and lettuce get pretty good bang for the buck, while you don't really need to bother buying organic onions, mangoes, asparagus, broccoli and eggplant. Read the mile-long comment section for more.

Serious Eats: Buying Produce for One
As god is my witness, I shall never buy romaine for a family of 12 again! (Note: Because it’s just me and The Boyfriend, you see.) (Note: Anyway, lots of good suggestions here.)

Serious Eats: Cooking for the Pope – Lidia Bastianich Comes Full Circle
Sweet Lidia presents her papal menu for Benedict’s U.S. tour. I’ve had the good fortune to eat those pear/romano raviolis before, and they are heaven on a stick. (Note: they don’t actually come on a stick. It’s an expression.) (Note: That I made up just now.) (Note: Now I'm just babbling.)

Wall Street Journal: Load Up the Pantry
Stockpiling is usually a good idea, but Iiiiiiii dunno about this piece. It's a tad alarmist, and the first of what will surely be many, “OKAY, IT’S TIME FOR EVERYBODY TO FREAK OUT!” articles on rising food prices. There’s no shortage in the U.S., so I'm thinkin' everybody needs to chill out for a sec. (Thanks to Like Merchant Ships for the link.)

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