Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

Aprovechar: 6 Unconventional Elements of My Weight Loss
Really neat observations on the unexpected side effects of Sally’s lifestyle changes. Number one? She doesn’t watch TV anymore, and she’s much happier for it. Nice read. (Thanks to Get Fit Slowly for the link.)

Blunt Money: 45 Jars of Spaghetti Sauce Later
In which bulk shopping is taken to its natural extreme, with excellent results. Hey, if you’re gonna use it, there’s no harm in stocking up, right?

Casual Kitchen: Ten Tips to Save Money on Spices and Seasonings - The Spice Series, Part 2
More excellent tips from Dan about avoiding spice-related rip-off. Trick #5, “…and Don’t Worry About ‘Spice Fade’” is controversial, but well-argued.

Culinate: Learning to Cook - Everybody has to start somewhere
Writer Jamie Passaro has to take on household meal prep duties once her daughter is born. Detailed, wonderful story about discovering cooking as an adult includes this key sentence: “We Gen-X women are perhaps one of the first generations whose mothers didn’t teach us to cook.” In a nutshell, I think that describes why a lot of us 20- and 30-year-olds have issues with food.

Eater: Don’t F With the Chang
Renowned ramen chef stares down drunken idiots … and wins.

FitBuff: Total Mind and Body Fitness Carnival 68
Jaime’s Starbucks Post is included in this health and lifestyle festival, along with a solid pancake post from How To Tips and Tricks.

Get Fit Slowly: Dinner Conversation
MacDaddy and JD head out to a restaurant with their respective ladies, and the discussion turns to weight. More specifically, how and when the men’s gain started. Chock full o’insight.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds: Grocery Bill Doubled In 9 Months - We Have a Problem
Have your food costs increased? Do you want to know how to reduce them? Ginger knows the score, and her plan is a good example of reversing a bad situation.

Globe and Mail: Crisco's too costly - pass me the Fluffo
Almost every standard baking ingredient has risen significantly in price over the last year, causing monster stress to pie makers, cupcake frosters, and brownie servers the world over. This is what they’re doing to cope. (Thanks to Slashfood for the link.)

Jezebel: Hey Ladies – Know Your Money, Know Your Limits
Jezzie political expert Megan ruminates on her recent mortgage refinancing, and comes to understand just how much lenders, bankers, and salesmen condescend to women. Ladies, this is a must read.

The Kitchn: Have You Ever Priced a Home Cooked Meal?
How much per day does it take to feed yourself? I think I’m probably somewhere around $5 or $6 if there’s no beer involved, but the many, many commenters differ.

MSNBC/Men’s Health: 8 Breakfast Foods to Avoid
And I thought Moons Over My Hammy was dangerous: Bob Evans Stacked and Stuffed Caramel Banana Pecan Hotcakes has a staggering 1543 calories and 77 grams of fat. And to drink, a glass of syrup! (...kidding.) (Maybe.)

New York Times: 6 Food Mistakes Parents Make
In order: sending children out of the kitchen, pressuring them to take a bite, keeping the “good stuff” out of reach, dieting in front of your children, serving boring vegetables, and giving up too soon. These may sound rigid or unrealistic out of context, but the piece goes into valuable detail. ‘rents! Check it out, and maybe take a look at this cookbook, which seems to take the right approach to feeding kids.

New York Times: Instead of Eating to Diet, They’re Eating to Enjoy
News flash: people who eat healthier lose weight. Serious Eats’ Ed Levine comments on the article here.

New York Times: Superfood or Monster From the Deep?
Hey! They’re putting fish in orange juice. For the vitamins, you see. Yum.

Wise Bread: 4 Sort-of Small Kitchen Gadgets that Equal Big Savings!
The slow-cooker, crockpot, bread machine, and food processor get their due from WB blogger Linsey Knerl, as well as 34 eager commenters.

Wise Bread: Sure Savings at the Supermarket
Everyone says “buy generic!” But only Wise Bread has the actual savings breakdown.

(Photos courtesy of Blunt Money, Flickr member Last name: Libby, and Harper Collins.)


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