Thursday, September 18, 2008

CHG Favorites of the Week

Food Blog of the Week
The Amateur Gourmet
Adam D. Roberts waxes poetic about all things food, often to hilarious effect. His most popular post, “Chutzpah, Truffles, and Alain Ducasse,” deserves every accolade out there, and his most recent, the stomach-churning “My Worst Restaurant Experience, Ever” will make you thank your lucky stars you only found part of a rubber glove in a burger once.

Food Comedy of the Week
Anal Retentive Chef
The late, great Phil Hartman would have been 60 next week. In tribute, here’s one of his greatest creations.

Food Organization of the Week
Capital Area Food Bank of Texas
Hurricane Ike devastated large swaths of the Lone Star State, and CAFBT is right in there, helping with aid and supplies. You can donate on their site, and follow their progress through their excellent blog.

Food Quote of the Week
“You can't be happy that fire cooks your food and be mad it burns your fingertips.” – Chris Rock

Food Video of the Week
“Butter” by A Tribe Called Quest
Smooth, laid-back jam (no food pun intended) by Queens’ favorite sons. Even if you’re not a big hip-hop fan, there’s no hating on a song that namechecks Bel Biv Devoe.

Totally Unrelated, Extra-Special Bonus of the Week
“So What” by Pink
You know, I like to think I only listen to pasty white British men sing mopey ballads about isolation and long-past loves. But secretly? Given the chance? I’d lock myself in a room all day and turn Pink up to 11. Girl’s got crazy moxy, and she puts out some solid pop tunes, to boot. Her most recent, “So What,” details her breakup with her husband, motocross star Carey Hart. Somehow, it’s forlorn and mature and inspirational, and still rocks my face off. Watch it, and see if you don’t hum this thing for a month.


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