Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

Associated Press/USA Today: Recession? Eat, drink, smoke and be merry
Sin is in, ladies and gents. While lots of businesses are having gigundo problems staying afloat, the makers of cigarettes, booze, and candy remain pleasantly recession-proof. Bring on the cocktails, I say. (Thanks to Slashfood for the link.)

Culinate: On board - A closer look at your knife’s best friend
Nifty, extensive piece on the importance of purchasing a decent cutting board. It doesn’t sound like it’s a big deal, but really, it will save good knives some major wear and tear.

Daily News: City supermarkets are dying commodity
500 NYC supermarkets have gone kaput over the last decade, and local unions attribute the trend to competitions from CostCo-esque big-box stores. This is perhaps most damaging to elderly Big Appleites, who don’t necessarily have the financial resources or physical powers to shop in bulk.

Epi-Log: Top 10 Most Oddly Compelling Food Videos
Please note #1, in which Coney Island hot dog king Kobayashi challenges a Kodiak bear to an eating contest. Dude, if there’s one thing I learned in life (besides never start a land war in Asia), it’s DON’T CHALLENGE A BEAR TO AN EATING CONTEST.

Epi-Log: What Do Olympic Athletes Eat?
Answer: a lot.

Get Rich Slowly: U-Pick - The Next Best Thing to Growing Your Own
Great treatise on the fun/wonder/value of picking your own produce at a nearby farm.

Men’s Health/Huffington Post: Genius Junk Food - 6 Snacks That Are Actually Good For You
Beef jerky! Chocolate! Sour cream! Not so bad! I’m especially happy about the beef jerky part, since it’s a go-to on long car rides. Mmm ... dried cow on interstate highways ... (Thanks to Lifehacker for the link.)

New York Magazine: His Magical Elixir
One of the great advantages of being stuck in an airport for eight hours is the opportunity to buy and read magazines from cover to cover (ads included). I found this particular piece Friday night around 7:30pm, when a tornado threatened to tear through Manhattan, thus delaying down all outward-bound flights. That aside, it’s an EXCELLENT article on the spurious claims of vitamin waters, many of which aren’t backed by viable medical research.

New York Times: Hungry at 30,000 Feet? Pay Up
Speaking about travel, airplane food jokes may soon be a thing of the past, since airlines are increasingly forcing passengers to fork over cash midflight in exchange for baggies of honey-roasted peanuts. Suggestion? Bring your own and avoid the 300% markup.

New York Times: Los Angeles Stages a Fast Food Intervention
In an effort to combat inner city obesity rates, LA isn’t allowing fast food chains to open any new branches for the next year. Author Kim Severson says it best: “Even in a country where a third of the schoolchildren are overweight or obese, the yearlong moratorium raises questions about when eating one style of food stops being a personal choice and becomes a public health concern.”

Our Four Pence Worth: Festival of Frugality #139 (The Michael Phelps Edition)
When you’ve got a Festival of Frugality named in your honor, you know you’ve made the big time. Call me crazy, but I think this Phelps kid is going places. (Note: the page might take a minute or two to load, but it will eventually.)

Serious Eats: Why Don’t Recipes Include Salt Amounts?
Great question. I don’t often include them on the recipes posted here, preferring to let “salt and pepper to taste” stand in for a prescribed measurement. Folks, would you rather see a hard number? If yes, I’ll start adding them in.

Slashfood: Chocolate-Stuffed Bananas on the Grill (via Glorious Food and Wine)
Oh, holy moly. Has anyone out there ever tried this? If not, can you try it right now and mail me some?

Slate: Food Fight - The four barriers to the genetically modified–food revolution—and why no one is talking about them.
Soon, food production might not be able keep up with Earth’s growing population, meaning the genetically modified stuff has to happen. But there are obstacles, including accessibility and transparency issues, that may never be resolved. Read on and discover.

The Simple Dollar: The Frugal Whole Chicken (or, Waste Not, Want Not)
Trent ruminates on buying a whole chicken vs. just the breast.

The Simple Dollar: Winning the Battle Against Low Quality Generics While Still Saving Money
Lots of bloggers (me included) often advise readers to “Buy Generic!” to save mad cash, but very few (me included) explore why shoppers are hesitant to experiment with store brands. Here, Trent does the dirty work and comes up with some solid strategies.

Wise Bread: Grocery Shopping for the Cheap and Lazy
WB mainstay Andrea Dickson compiles an off-the-beaten-path buying guide for real people. Stellar post with an even better comment thread. This week’s must-read.

(Photos courtesy of fohboh, TheChrisBerry.com, and American Feast.)


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