Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Megalinks

by Leigh

BoingBoing: Public Fruit Jam at Machine Project in LA
It’s too late to attend, but what a cool idea. Fallen Fruit, an activist art collective, sponsors a jam jam using public fruit and shared jam-making skills. Sweet.

Chief Family Officer: Emergency Funds: Another example of why you need one
As the Sacremento Bee reports that California’s state employees, by executive order of the Governator, are being laid off or having their wages reduced to the federal minimum wage, CFO reminds us that an emergency savings is no good if itdoesn’t exist.

Consumerist: Are You Fighting the War Against High-Fructose Corn Syrup?
The food engineers who bring us HFCS are trying to convince us that it’s natural because it comes from corn. Hmm. Good point. Ethanol comes from corn, so I guess that's okay to eat too.

Consumerist: KFC's "Vegetarian Sandwich" Isn't, Stop Kidding Yourself That Fast Food Restaurants Have Vegetarian Options
Thanks for trying, Col., but a faux chicken patty fried in chicken grease is not vegetarian. This tidbit shows you how hidden ingredients can put the meat right back into a meatless sandwich. Or the meat in French fries.

Consumerist: 15 Victims of the Grocery Shrink Ray
If you’ve never paid attention to unit prices before, now is the time to start.

Dinner Tonight: Smart Ways to Save Money
Lists like these are always worth repeating. (Thanks to Serious Eats for the link.)

Elastic Waist: does your neighborhood affect the size of your ass?
Are you surrounded by fresh, healthy food or miles and miles of fast food? Wait a second; turn around. Oh, I see. Our new friends at Elastic Waist bring to light a study by the CCPHA that correlates available food with occurrence of obesity and disease.

The Kitchen: How to Make Iced Coffee
Save money and the rush-hour stress by making iced coffee at home the night before. That picture is so pretty it makes me want a sip, though I prefer iced tea.

New York Times: Amid Salmonella Case, Food Industry Seems Set to Back Greater Regulation
After the mess the FDA made of the tomato/jalapeno salmonella outbreak, the produce industry is ready for some uniform tracking procedures. Hearings were held Thursday to get things rolling.

Serious Eats: The Great Vegan Honey Debate
If you were ever confused about vegans and honey, this should muddy the water clear things up. In Slate, Daniel Engber breaks down the ongoing controversy within the vegan community over whether to eat or not to eat honey. It is “bee barf” after all.

Serious Eats: In Season: Corn
Corn! Eat it. It’s the best thing about summer. Oh yeah.

Slashfood: Fast-food ban in LA and NY
Holy hot-buttons! With the ban of transfats in NYC and the entire state of California, did we think this was far behind? There have been articles from the “hometown papers” NY Times and LA Times, but here, you’ll get a quick summary and sobering comments. There is also an op-ed in Slate that’s worth reading.

Slashfood: Foods to better your brain
“Dr Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, a professor of neurosurgery and physiological science at the University of California, Los Angeles, conducted research on the way antioxidants and vitamins work with synapses in the brain.” So eat up, and maybe we’ll see each other on Jeopardy!

Slate: Cows or Beans: Which Is the Better Source for Milk?
Slate’s Green Lantern column explores which beverage is more eco-friendly: cow’s milk or soy milk. Taste is another matter altogether. (Go rice milk!)

Small Notebook: July Is No-Spend Month
An inspirational account of putting a halt to aspirational spending.
(Thanks to Get Rich Slowly for the link.)

Washington Post: Buy Better Groceries
Cool interactive tool that lets you compare nutritional information of grocery staples, create a shopping list, and total your selections. Neato.

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