Thursday, May 28, 2009

Veggie Might: An Engagement, a Veg-friendly Wedding, and an Anniversary

Written by the fabulous Leigh, Veggie Might is a regular Thursday feature about all things Vegetarian.

Congratulations are in order for so many folks this month. First of all, I’d like to officially raise a glass of mint limeade to Kris and her Husband-Elect. You two were already as cute as can be, and now this. I can barely stand it. Mazel tov!

Speaking of mah-wage, I just returned from the wedding extravaganza of my dear friend JF, nee B. It was a glorious affair in my favorite vegetarian-friendly town, Asheville, NC. The bride was gorgeous, and the groom was gregarious. It was a fabulous party—for four days straight—and it couldn’t happen to a lovelier couple. Slainte!

Oh, I should tell you about the food. At J & G’s reception, I ate the best vegetarian dish I’ve ever had at a wedding: butternut squash risotto and collard greens. (ML: yours was a close second.)

For once, I wasn’t jealous of the other diners as I ate only sides. This meal sure beat the steamed veggies and baked potato passed off as a vegetarian entree by one of the most overrated restaurants in New York City.

To top off the trip, I had biscuits, soy sausage, and gravy twice (at two different restaurants) during my stay: at the Southern-with-a-twist Tupelo Honey and the always-fabulous Laughing Seed. I smiled with every bite. Take a trip to Asheville, if not for the food, then for the people and views.

Among these auspicious events is the first anniversary of Veggie Might. I can hardly believe we’ve been together a whole year, CHGers. My first post seems so long ago, and yet, like yesterday. Thank you so much for welcoming me and allowing me into your computers. I’ve learned so much while having a blast, and I hope you have too.

Since a new year is upon us Dear Readers, I’d like to take your pulse. What would you like to read about? Are there vegetarian topics that interest you in particular? Is there anything I won’t shut up about that you’d prefer I let go?

What would you like to see more or less in Veggie Might? Do you want more articles? Are you happy with the number of recipes? Do you find the recipes accessible? How’s my driving?

Spare no response in the comments section. I would love to hear from you. Kris has worked hard to make this site something amazing, and I strive to further her mission. So lay it on me.

Here’s to another great year. Cheers!

(Photos courtesy of Flickr members fazu the elf and someToast.)


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