Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cheap Healthy Good: Now With Extra Columns!

Happy Presidents Day, universe! To celebrate our fine Commander-in-Chiefs, we here at CHG decided to go live with a brand spankin' new layout. Don't worry; all the extraneous features and sidebar thingies you've come to vaguely know and kinda love are still here. They're just in slightly different locations, with a picture of lasagna on top instead of cherries.

However! The design isn't 100% final yet, and we'd love to know your opinions. Are the colors pretty? Does the font agree with your eyes? Do you find lasagna close-ups to be particularly offensive, since one of them once mugged you in a parking lot back in '76? If so, these are important things to mention, and we encourage you to fire away in the comment section.

Special thanks to The Boyfriend for the web design and J (he of the Summertime Gazpacho) for the new logo. These upstanding gentlemen worked their butts off, and will be repaid with full-fat macaroni and cheese as soon as humanly possible.

We'll be back tomorrow with our regularly-scheduled posting. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday (and the new sidebar).


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