Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Megalinks

Lots of hypothetical questions today, along with a few extra Thanksgiving posts and a staggering four articles from Wise Bread. Really, it’s all a warmup to tomorrow’s piece, "Cheap Healthy Leftovers." But in the meantime…

Advertising Age: NIH - Banning Fast Food Ads Will Make Kids Less Fat
The National Institutes of Health is claiming that a “ban on fast-food advertising to children would cut the national obesity rate by as much as 18%.” EIGHTEEN PERCENT. Yeah, I think this needs to happen. But will cereal/candy/junk food companies comply?

Being Frugal: Reusing Storage Bags
I try to re-use these whenever possible (for vacations, makeup, etc.), unless the bag’s been holding meat. Because no one wants botchulism on their travel shampoo.

Casual Kitchen: How to Make a Simple Frittata
Inexpensive, quick, infinitely malleable, and all fancy-like, frittatas are the low-budget, high-quality indie movies in the Hollywood of food. I don’t know what that means either, but now I want eggs.

Consumerist: The Crappy Economy Means You’d Better Learn to Love Canned Soup
Does anyone know if Campbell’s is a publicly-owned company? Because if it is, we should all invest in their stock RIGHT NOW. We could build an empire on Chicken and Stars.

Eater: Hottest Chefs in NY Round 2 - Meet Your Chefs
Ladies, this is too fun to miss out on. Eater is conducting a tournament to determine the hottest chef in NYC. Voting for the first round’s over, but Round 2 begins this week. And not to play favorites or anything, but Akhtar Nawab of Eletteria is a stone hottie.

Elastic Waist: Can Your Weight Affect Your Paycheck?
Weetabix poses a great question here, and her first paragraph is equally provocative: “I often wonder how much I'm discriminated against at my day job. I am a great interviewee and have a reasonable amount of responsibility, but I also watched as a very slender peer was groomed for management and became my boss and then rose a tier above that. I strongly suspect that I'm not making as much money as my coworkers.” Readers, has this happened to you?

Endless Simmer: An Elitist Thanksgiving
If you’ve got a few thousand dollars hanging around, you might want to invest in this very very very upscale menu, which includes Capon (a type of poultry), fromage de Clon (cheese that costs more than your college education), ethical foie gras (like foie gras, but without the intense guilt), and a mixed drink featuring $6000 worth of Courvoisier. Or you could just get a Hungry Man. (Thanks to Slashfood for the link.)

Jezebel: "Cooking For One" Is Kind Of Like, Well, Regular Cooking
Come for the post, stay for the 400+ comments, in which all the single ladies describe how they get by buying for one. I cooked for myself for a looooong time, and portions and leftovers can both be pretty serious issues. (Serious in the bank account sense - not serious in the natural disaster sense.)

The Kitchn: A Low-Stress Thanksgiving - Recipes, Tips, and Advice
Nice comp of all The Kitchn’s best Turkey Day tips.

New York Times: It’s a Hit - Breakfast in the Classroom
I love this story because it’s chock full of simple genius. Apparently, serving kids their morning meal in the classroom before class has made a huge impact on their attention spans, behavior, and nutrition. Really, here’s all you need to know: “‘It makes me full and happy,’ Carol Osseili, 8, said as she patted her stomach. ‘I’m ready to study and learn.’”

Simple Dollar: On Hosting a Dinner Party
Are you tired of expensive restaurant visits? Wanna see your friends without having to sell family heirlooms to pay for it? Do you like the warm, comforting glow of your kitchen light? Host a dinner party. Here, Trent tells you how.

Slashfood: Last Meals – What’s On Your Plate?
40 people chime in on their final dinners on Earth. Most popular: sushi, burgers, ice cream, steak, pizza. Mine: mac and cheese. Four pounds of it, maybe with a side of sweet potatoes and/or a last-minute court appeal. Mmm ... leniency.

Wise Bread: Alternative Thanksgiving Menus for Nearly Every Situation
Ideas for healthy, vegetarian, non-turkey, barbecue, non-traditional, and restaurant-based Thanksgivings. Good for brainstorming, with a few recipes.

Wise Bread: 10 Tasty Ideas for Leftover Turkey
Whether you have 50 pounds or 5 ounces of turkey sitting in your fridge come Friday morning, this post will tell you exactly what to do with it. My favorite: Turkey Cranberry Roll Ups. Nothing in that title is unappealing.

Wise Bread: Restaurant.com 80% off Coupon Code with FatWallet 25% Cashback - $25 Gift Certificates for $1.50
This sounds like a great deal, and for some, it will be a Christmas goldmine. Just make sure to follow all the rules – there are a lot of them, and they preclude use of the certificates at certain times.

Wise Bread: Meat Money – Grocery Saving Tips for Carnivores
This headline makes me immediately picture a velociraptor, but I’m pretty sure they’re talking about humans who eat meat. PRETTY sure. You never know.

Zen Habits: How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half
Leo presents some pretty basic rules for frugal food shopping, but man, the guy does it in style.

(Photos courtesy of Concierge, Classic Yacht Charters, and My Recipes.)


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